Introducing the
Award Winning
Korniche Roof Lantern

Korniche:Go BigWithout Rafters

With the Korniche roof lantern, impressive widths can be achieved without requiring additional rafters. Even the typical rectangular shape of the lantern can span up to 3m by 2.5m with just four panes of glass

For those looking for the most expansive views possible, Korniche offers industry-leading maximum sizes for roof lanterns up to 24m². Featuring strong, stiff die-cast aluminium components, as well as a patented fixing system for its spas, Korniche can support an impressive amount of glass without requiring extra rafters, allowing for views of the outside world like never before. With no extra rafters needed, a single piece of glass per side can reach up to 3m x 2.5m, or a maximum roof space of 6m x 4m can be achieved with the use of intermediate rafters.

CAD image of Korniche Hidden Gaskets
Reversed CAD image of Korniche Hidden Gaskets

Glass Lock

This revolutionary glass lock system guarantees long-term security and little upkeep as it prevents the glass from sliding due to its own weight once set up

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Korniche: Beautiful from every angle

To finish off the spas, an aluminium die-cast end cap is installed. This has been carefully crafted to fit without any visible fixtures, thus maintaining the desired aesthetic of every single detail.

Korniche: Square'Pyramid'Lanterns

Korniche: Square 'Pyramid' Lanterns

Homeowners often choose, the modern pyramid design of a square roof lantern for its precisely squared openings, or even for two distinct lanterns rather than a single larger one.

The square roof lantern offers a contemporary pyramid design. This is popular with homeowners who want perfectly square openings, or perhaps two lanterns separated instead of one larger one.

To reduce heat transfer, external aluminium components are connected to internal elements through thermal breaks in the roof lantern, creating a full thermal barrier.

Rendered Image displaying how the Korniche integrated sill is achieved.
image of yale lock cylinder

Korniche: Quick & Easy
To Install

Korniche: Quick & Easy To Install

With our self-cleaning glass, you no longer need to take the extra step of accessing the roof glazing for cleaning. THe glass is provided in various options such as clear, blue tinted, neutral tinted and aqua tinted.

Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning Glass

Assembling the Korniche lantern takes no cutting, trimming or silicone sealing; even a proficient tradesperson can install it in a matter of minutes and finish glazing in no time. Thus, specialised installers are unnecessary.

Homeowners desring the pinnacle in glass solutions are often drawn to the Ambi line of self-cleaning glass, boating both self-cleaning and solar control properties. An applied coating deteriorates orangic dirt, which lessens the hold of inorganic debris. Furthermore, water droplets expand into a thin layer, and as it streams down, it carries away any unhinged dirt particles - making for a striking result that is visually evident.

image of a smart patio door fitted in front of a balcony
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Korniche: Customised to your taste

With bespoke sizes, RAL colours and precision engineered parts. all you need to do is decide on the right combination for your vision.

The Korniche Roof Lantern offers a contemporary twist on classic Victorian-era lantern roofs, available in bespoke designs and a selection of colours to brighten up any living area.

Mimicking the timeless style of timber frames, its award-winning aluminium rafters and spas provide one of the narrowest view line available, with invisible screws and fluid connections throughout. At the termination of the spas, they are equipped with an aluminium die-cast end cap specifically tailored to the design, preserving a beautiful look inside and out.

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Low Maintenance: what you need to know

Bespoke designs to help you capture the mood, whatever space you want to fill.

Consider the intended purpose of the room, when it will be used and who will use it when determining the vision for a Korniche roof lantern. The versatility and customisable colour range ensure that no compromiser is necessary for the perfect fit

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Korniche: Powder coating

Boasting a thick, consistently smooth finish that far surpasses a standard coasting, the exterior of the this lantern has been powder coated in a range of attractive colours. Additionally, powder coating creates a remarkably sturdy finish and is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

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Korniche: Self-clean glass

Installing this powder-coated, glazed lantern grants you full protection from the elements, with a unique self-cleaning glass to reduce your upkeep. Our special transparent coating, harnesses the power of the sun's ultraviolet rays to break down any dirt on the surface of the glass. Subsequently, rain helps to wash away and remnants, enabling you to perform regular cleanings far less often than with conventional glass. This coating is built directly into the external side of the glass. However, it is is still necessary to follow the glass manufacturer's cleaning guidelines at certain intervals.

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Korniche: RAL

We offer more than 150 colours in matt, satin or gloss, including the option to have different colours on the inside and outside of the frames.

This gives you greater freedom to match both the interior and exterior style of your property.